Class of 1946 - Deceased
ADAMS,   Perry Joe March 11, 2011
BENNISON,   Edward M. October 1 2009
BRANDT,   Tillie Elizabeth (JOHNSON) May 5, 2007
BRINKLEY Sr.,   Harold L. June 3, 2010
BROWN,   Vernon
CHERRY,   Dorothy Jean (COLEMAN) January 18, 2011
CHOLLAR,   Nellie Ruth (HEATH) November 30, 2011
CLEAVER,   Kenneth   Ray
COOKE,   Robert   Earl   "Bob"
COX,   Mary   Frances   (SHAFER) January 29, 2010
CROCKER,   J.W.   "DUB" October 5, 2010
CROW,   Fred   "Doug"
DAVIS,   Joyce   (PARK)
ELLIS,   James   "Jim or Peck" Lilburne December 18, 2010
EMMA,   Gloria Belle (MAXWELL) July 20, 2015
GEER,   Shirley (ROGERS) November 26, 2010
GREEN,   Arvin   Ray
JOHNSON Jr.,   Ernest   R. October 1, 2006
LANCASTER,   Russell
MORRIS,   Joseph
NORMAN,   Lonnie
PURSLEY,   Winnie   Marie (COOPER) June 4, 2006
RUFF,   Robert Martel April 8, 2017
RUFNER,   Gene
RUTLEDGE,   Henry January 2006
SHAW,   Nina   Marie
SLOAN,   Orville Wyatt March 22, 2016
STEADMAN,   Ernest   Clifton August 27, 2009
STEPHENSON,   Horace July 13, 2006
STINSON,   Tommy E. July 14, 2009
SWEENEY,   Everett   W.
TERRY,   Carol   Jean
WILDER,   Ronald   B.
WILSON,   Tommy
YAGER,   Roy W. November 12, 2005
ZUEFELDT,   A. David February 22, 2015

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You