Class of 1951 - Deceased
BAKER,   Monda Bella (DONALDSON) October 24, 2008
BAUER,   Jerry
BEDFORD,   Vera Joyce (CARPENTER) October 30, 2008
BENNETT,   Conrad E. May 14, 2012
BENNISON,   Arthur 2004
BETTS,   Carolyn
BIONDI,   Joy Loy (ADAMS) December 6, 2012
BLANKS,   Munro H. January 18, 2017
BROWN,   James June 6, 2008
BULLOCH,   Faith
BURGE,   Vernon Eugene July 13, 2011
CANWRIGHT,   Lewis June 2006
CARLISLE,   Clyde Richard
CARUTHERS,   John "Johnny" January 30, 2016
CASEY,   Jack 2004
CHARLES,   Richard W. "Dick" March 1, 2011
CLOUD Jr.,   William B. "Skip"
COLBERT,   Rodger
COLEMAN,   Don 2004
CONNALLY,   Claudine Franklin
CRANE,   Lanelle   (RICHARDSON) February 2004
DICKSON,   Ella Maxine   (CROMER) December 24, 2016
DIXON,   Shirley   (WILBANKS) November 16, 2015
DODSON,   Dana Louise (PHILLIPS) March 12, 2017
DUNTON,   Johnny
FERGUSON,   Walter M. August 27, 2016
FLINT,   Tommy
FLORES,   Frank
FOWLER,   Mary Lee (HARRELL) December 5, 2014
FRANCIS,   Susanne
FRANKLIN,   Claudine
GAZAWAY,   Lawrence
GINN,   Charlie
GRIMES,   Charles Wendell
GRIMES,   Wanda Harris
GUEST,   Joe
GUNN,   Marilyn
HAY,   William Hardy November 10, 2015
HERNDON,   Ralph Edwin
HOBBS,   Carla Kolwyck
HORTON,   Eddie January 6, 2009
HUFF,   June
HUFF,   Patsy
HUGHES,   Marcella
JENKINS,   Homer
JOPLIN,   Charles Roy April 7, 2017
KUNKEL,   Fred
LATSHAW, Nelson February 21, 2006
LEMLEY,   Patsy Stockton
LEVERIDGE,   Albert Lawrence February 28, 2010
LINVILLE,   Tommy M. Roach
LUDWIG,   William F. June 1, 2013
McCLESKEY,   Jack M. January 23, 2009
McCOMMAS,   Lawrence December 2005
McCULLOCH,   Robert A. "Bob" January 2001
McKINNEY,   Carolyn (KING) October 3, 2008
McSPADDEN,   Peggy Yvonne (PLEMONS) December 4, 2007
MEADOR,   Scott Alton January 4, 2011
MEHARG,   Doris (CURRY) March 22, 2017
MORF,   Loni R. (MARSHALL) September 9, 2006
MORGAN,   Charlotte
MUSTARD,   Mary Francis
NETHERTON,   Collette Combs
NOBLE,   Phyliss (RAWLS) April 1, 2013
NOWLAND,   Charles Edward "ED" December 17, 2011
PEACOCK,   Charles   Edwin
PIKE,   Bobbye Jean (GREGORY) March 14, 2017
PRIDDY,   Frankie   (TRULY)
QUIRINO,   Delores
RAWLINGS,   Don Edward April 12, 2013
REIGLE,   Harold T. July 20, 2007
RICHARD,   Charles February 5, 2008
RIEHN,   Carl
ROBERTS,   Fannie Lou
ROACH,   Tommie Nell (LINVILLE)
ROGERS,   Bobby Joe
ROGERS,   Buddy
ROGERS,   John
SCHNEIDER,   Margaret Hagler
SEARCY,   James
SMITH,   Jay
SMITH,   Ronald
SMITH,   Sidney
SNELLING,   Rex H. January 30, 2009
SNOW,   Harold
STEED,   Lynn
STILL,   Beverly Adair November 21, 2000
STOCKTON,   Patsy Lemley
SWAIM,   Mozell (TATUM) March 23, 2014
TOWNSEND,   Tommye (GEORGE) April 14, 2014
TUCKER,   David Lee November 14, 2016
WACHTER,   William "Buddy" December 23, 2016
WOLVERTON,   Jackie Brown
WOMACK,   Findley
WRIGHT,   Marvin Oren
YOUNG,   Cecil

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You