Class of 1967 - Deceased
BLEVINS,   Diana
BRAGG,   Johnny
BREWER,   Jimmy
CAGLE,   Stephen L. February 18, 2016
CARTER,   Lloyd
DUKE,   Dianne (ROBINETT) November 30, 1988
DYKES,   David
ELDER,   Patricia (CEARLEY) October 8, 2015
FORD,   Kathy McGee
FOSTER,   David
GEER,   Paul
GIBSON,   Dorman
GOODLOE,   Erma Ruth "PENNY" February 24, 2008
HARVEY,   Hank August 6, 2012
HENDERSON,   Ralph G. October 1, 2005
HOTCHKISS,   Jack June 9, 2013
KNOX Jr.,   D. S. "Dickie"
LANDON,   Patricia "Patsy" Ann (HOOKS) December 22, 2013
LIPSCOMB,   Terry D. August 4, 2012
LOAR,   Pamela Faye (BERG) October 7, 2013
MAY,   Joe
MELTON,   Marcia May 2016
RHODES,   Ronald "Ronny" Scott May 17, 2016
RIDDLE,   Rachael
ROBINETT,   Dianne Duke
RODIECK,   Frank Jr.
SMITH,   Michael "Mike" Eugene
STALLARD,   Kyle Houston March 31, 2016
TIDWELL,   Linda Beth (WARD) October 7, 2009
TILLMAN,   Betty
TIMMONS,   Sandra Kay
TRUSSELL,   Ann Capps
VENABLE,   Stephen
VESSELS,   Lonnie
WALKER,   Stephen
YAUGER Jr.,   Ed
YOREK,   Larry March 17, 2011

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You