Class of 1930 - Deceased
FRAZIOR Sr.,   Everett   Lee November 15, 2009
GURLEY,   Ester   Ruth   (ARNOLD) October 29, 2009
HAMILTON,   Elizabeth (HAYES) July 13, 1993
LEACH,   Vivian   Irene   Banks
MALLICOTE,   Margaret   Kelley   Hightower
MYRICK,   Avonel (MALAISE) 2006
NELSON,   Byron September   26,   2006
PEARCE,   William   A.
RICHARDS,   John   Hampton January   16,   2006
SMITH Jr.,   William   Robert

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You