Class of 1934 - Deceased
BATEMAN,   Roy Albert
BRELSFORD,   Joe Jack April 2, 2011
BUTTRILL,   Leta (BILLS) February 15, 2006
COLLUP Jr.,   William Burts "DUB" January 26, 2009
CRUTCHFIELD,   Mary Frances
DODSON,   Herman A. July 13, 2011
ELMORE,   Iotus Stark
GILBOW,   Betty Marie Baker
HENDERSON,   Bernice (CANAFAX) March 29, 2006
HILSCHER,   Louis John August 26, 2014
LOVE,   William Lewis
LYLE,   Lillian Elisabeth Sargant August 9, 2006
MALLICOTE,   Mary Louise
MORGAN,   Janie S. Marshall
PARKER,   Fred W. November 30, 1972
RODIECK,   Mary Adra Wansley
SEARCY,   Dale M. 1975
SKAGGS,   Dorothy
TAYLOR Sr.,   Winston Lee January 19, 2009

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You