Class of 1936 - Deceased
ASHCRAFT,   Lucille Imogene (ARDOYNO) November 12, 2011
BELL,   James D. (Pinkey) October 30, 2012
CLARDY,   Beth Lea
COLLIER Jr.,   Henry Ward
DEAN,   Ilva Nicki (McMAHAN) October 30, 2012
EASTWOOD,   Ethel Frances Powell
FLOYD,   Geraldine "Gerry" (KAROL) January 6, 2010
GILLELAND,   Margaret   Bell (HILSCHER) April 27, 2001
GOLDSTEIN,   Leslie E. "Lon", Jr. January 28, 2013
GOODMAN,   C. Douglas
GUNTER,   Gertrude Angeline (COLE) 1979
HARDIN,   Virginia K. (WHEELER) August 19, 2007
HATCHER,   Katheryn Baldwin
KIMBLE Sr.,   Roy H.
McCOMB,   Ann (LEE) April 11, 2010
McELROY,   James L.
WARRINER,   Thomas Ray "Sonny"
WILKINSON,   Kenneth March 22, 2009

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You