Class of 1938 - Deceased
BECKELMAN,   Jack Dwain COL. (RET)
BELL,   James D.
BETTINGER,   Charles E. May 31, 2011
COLLIER,   Robert Edward "Bud"
COLTON,   Dorothy Beck
DAVIS,   Carmen (LANG)
DOMM,   Howard Eugene
EDBURG,   Ruth Helen
FRANCIS JR,   Martin Russell July 3, 1992
GREEN,   Bettye Jane (WILSON) October 1, 2006
HALL,   Frances Fay October 17, 2015
HAMILTON,   Charlotte Ruth (BERGER) December 9, 2012
HART,   Hortance
HILL,   Sargeant October 1, 2013
HOSTETTER,   Francis Lucille December 29, 2014
HUGHES,   Vito Chalmers September 2006
JORDAN,   Mary Elizabeth (SMITH) September 8, 2013
KING Jr.,   Henry Clifford
LEWIE Jr.,   Albert Sidney March 17, 1988
LEWIS,   Wilford Diggs April 30, 2009
MILLIGAN,   George Thomas May 19, 2012
PHILLIPS,   Mary Helen (JONES) December 26, 2015
POTTHOFF,   John Henry January 1, 2015
PRINCE,   Sue (BUTLER) October 10, 2008
ROACH,   Phil E. 1950
SANDIFER,   Jack W. January 18, 2012
SIMS,   Max W.
SPAULDING,   Corine L. (LOVE) February 6, 2012
SPURLIN,   Cora Lee (SHAW) October 3, 2007
SWAIN,   Sara (BECK)
TARVIN,   Ruth (WEILER) July 3, 2009
THOMPSON,   Coach Preston
WANSLEY,   Celestene (EVANS)
WILLIS,   Anita M. (DODSON) August 12, 2011

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You