Class of 1943 - Deceased
ALREAD,   Mary   Caviness
ANDERSON,   Catherine   Louise   Yorek
ANDREWS,   Kenneth
ASHBURN,   Harrell
AUSTIN,   W.   C.
BARNETT,   Sara   Alice
BASHAM,   James Lowell "Jim" January 25, 2016
BOWLES,   Bobby
BRADY,   Bob May 29, 2011
BROOME,   Raleigh March 24, 2007
BYERS,   Gladys (HEADLEY) December 4, 2007
CARMICHAEL,   Clovis Wanzene "Toby" (O'CONNELL) July 23, 2013
CARPENTER,   Billy   D.
CHAMBERS,   Thomas
CLEAVER,   Virginia   "Ginny"   (COOK) December 4, 2005
COLLINS,   Mary   Frances (BOWEN) June 15, 2007
CRABTREE Jr.,   Charles Franklin March 18, 2011
CROW,   Peggy Louise (EADES) February 26, 2011
DAYTON,   James   Scott "SCOTTY" September 30, 2011
DAVIS,   David   Howard January 13, 2006
DIXSON,   Walter Clay January 6, 2015
DOYLE,   Wanda   Jeane May 29, 2010
EVANS,   Lyle
FISHER,   Billy
FOSTER,   Aaron W. October 14, 2009
GAULT,   Helen   Baskett
GILREATH,   Harold World War II
GINDLER,   Beverly   Lanier
GRIFFIN,   Billie   Jo   Neese
GUNTER,   Peggy   Plumber
HOBBS,   Margie   Ann (BRASWELL)
HOLT,   Martha Elizabeth (HUFFSTETLER) March 8, 2014
HOWARD,   Raymond Kay March 10, 2017
JOPLING,   Joseph Kerby August 13, 2016
KINDALL,   Norma   Smith
LAINE,   Raymond   Joe
LAWRENCE,   Robert   P.
LEAMAN,   Phyllis   (RYAN) July 19, 2011
LEATH,   Howard   C.
MALONE,   Jack
McCLUNG,   William   (BILL) 2004
McMURRY,   Mary   Ann   Bauer
MEDFORD,   Barbara   (CHILDS)
MILLER,   Wanda (NALL)
MOEZLER,   Reese
MOHN,   Albert   George
MOREY,   Hazel   D.   Cornelius
NABORS,   Louis Edwin February 4, 2014
NABORS,   Ralph
NAUMANN,   Betty   Donohoo
NOLEN,   Margaret   Elizabeth (MILLER) November 25, 2010
O'BRIEN,   Ellen V. (PAGE) July 29, 2016
PACKWOOD,   Earline   (TUCKER) November 10, 2015
PASCHAL,   Nelda   (HOBBS) May 30, 2006
PEELE,   Charles
PERKINS,   Martha   Baish
PETERS,   Ida   Louise   (ARMSTRONG)
PRITCHARD, James C. November 13, 2016
REEDER,   Johnny
RIDDLE,   Jim "Gig'ge" January 5, 2011
RIOS,   Ralph
RIOS,   Raul
ROGERS,   Corinne   Ledingham
ROGERS,   Raymond
ROTHROCK,   Nathaniel Paul March 13, 2017
ROYAL,   Dorthy   Reeder
RUCKER,   Charles June 9, 2006
SHEPPARD,   Rosalie (PRIBBLE) February 3, 2011
SPROLES,   Courtney September 27, 2006
STANLEY,   Charles   R.
STELL,   Cleston "C.E." December 1, 2015
THORN,   Betty   Jo (THOMPSON)
WADE,   Mary   Catherine   (MOELLER)
WEAVER,   Virginia   Echols March 2006
WELLS,   Alfred   Hugh March 2006
WILLIAMS,   Tommy Eugene
WILSON,   Thomas   Marion

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You