Class of 1944 - Deceased
ANDERSON,   Margaret   (WARDELL)
ADKINSON,   A.   R.   "Ray"
BOSTON Jr.,   Travis   D.
BROWN,   Eunice   Tate
BUTTS,   Ralph May 15, 2008
BYTHER,   Dorothy Marie (BUKOWSKI)
CASTLES,   Marolyn   Clark
CHAMBERS,   Beverly   Naugle
CHURCH Sr.,   Jack   C.
CLARDY,   Jackie   (MOSELEY)
CLARK,   Sammie
CLEAVER,   Glenn L. March 20, 2014
COLEMAN,   Geraldine   (HEARN)
CORNELL,   Henry   Fred July 9, 2013
CURRY,   Melba   Newman
DAVIS,   Mary Catherine "Katie" (FIELDS)
DIXON,   Tom
DUNKELBERG,   Walter   Rienzi February 2, 2007
DYER,   Wanda   Hix
FARAM,   Dick   Dee
FLOYD,   John Wesley October 9, 2007
FRY,   James Morgan January 24, 2017
GARRETT,   Daisie Lometa (WHITE) February 6, 2014
GRACES,   Ruby Mae October 9, 2007
GUTHRIE,   Quida LaVerne September 30, 2011
HENDERSON,   Thomas Earl
HERGERT,   Robert Louis December 4, 2009
HOLLINGSWORTH,   James Wesley September 18, 2010
JAMES,   Wanda   Abshire
JOHNSON,   Joyce   Lorraine   White
JONES,   Betty   (JOHNSON)
JONES,   Edwin   Roy September 7, 2006
KENEY,   Bonnie Nell (BRADSHAW) December 9, 2013
KOEHLER,   August Calvin "Gus" January 16, 2017
LEACH,   Wilma   (MAHANAY) February 15, 2012
LEE,   Gene
LIPFORD,   Jo Evelyn September 10, 2007
LOGAN,   James "Bodey" Garland July 24, 2008
MAGILL,   Ava Cecille (RAPPS) June 10, 2012
MARSHALL,   Al   King
MARTIN,   Jack October 30, 2009
McCLURE,   Veta
MILLER,   Ralph
MOORE,   Jack   Ray
MOAD, JR.   Clarence O. December 1, 2012
NEWMAN,   Kathryn   (REYNOLDS)
NORRIS,   Thomas Howard
OGLE,   Donald
PARROTT,   Patricia Ann "Polly" (McDANIEL) October 25, 2008
PATTERSON,   Joaeph Redwine January 6, 2017
POWELL,   Marsha   (WALLACE)(REDWOOD)(GOOD) May 31, 2006
ROGERS,   Frances   (KELLEY)
RUSH,   Richard "DICK" December 11, 2008
SHURTLEFF,   Francis Vivian (COLES) April 1, 2016
SKAINS,   Helen Margaret August 12, 2010
SMITH,   Frances D. (SMITH) May 18, 2012
SMITH,   Dr. R. Donald January 25, 2014
STEVENSON,   Vivian (PAYNE) (LANGLOIS) March 20, 2014
STRAHAN,   Richard Dobbs
SWEARINGIN,   Charles   R.
TAYLOR,   Mattie   Ellen (THATCHER)
VAN HORN,   Gerry January 10, 2011
WALSTON,   John   W. "Blackie" Febuary 16, 2008
WILLIAMS,   Billy   Charles July 23, 2000
WILLIAMS, Dan Hamil "DANNY" known as "3 D" Danny February 18, 2013
WILLS,   Barbara   Jean   (WILLIAMS)
WILSON,   Charles "BUD" Clayton December 23, 2012

We are grateful to everyone who has supplied us with information on the Deceased
and Missing. Regretfully, we cannot list each one by name who has contributed.

Thank You