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It has been a while since we have had news of Poly. But, you will love this one! Since many Alumni will be purchasing bricks for parents, family and etc., if you are not sure of their graduation, the Poly school library has a terrific archive of annuals. So, if you live locally and need to do research, the library is located in what many of us would call the basement, you are welcome to do the research on your own but the annuals are to stay at Poly and not be taken out of the school. Please do not phone the Library and ask that they research for you...staff is very limited. Judy Simpson Class '59 PAA Liaison to Poly High

* Alumni siblings may be placed together on the grid! Please let Mr. Bartolotta know if this is the case.

*Married Alumni may also be placed together on the grid. Two bricks must be purchased and the wife must use maiden and married name on her brick: Example: Mary Doe Smith, Class of 1965. Please notate on your order form if you want this placement.

* If you order a brick for a favorite teacher, coach, etc. and someone has already purchased for that person, you will be advised of that when Mr. Bartolotta calls you to review your order and your money will be refunded for that brick.