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2019 All Class Reunion Photos

2019 Homecoming Parade Photos

2018 Homecoming Parade Photos

Class of '68 - 50th Reunion

Photos from the 2017 Homecoming Parade

Photos from the 2017 Spring Fling

2016 All Class Reunion Photos
2016 Homecoming Parade Photos

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I cannot find the Membership Roster any more?

The Membership Roster is no longer available on-line. If you wish to contact any member of the Poly Alumni Association, simply send a message to the Web Site Coordinator.

Your request will be forwarded to the member you want and it will be up to them to contact you.

If there is a picture on the web site and I want a copy of it. Who do I contact?

You do not have to contact anyone. Simply place your mouse cursor over the photo you want and press the "RIGHT" mouse button. On the drop down list that opens, select "Save Picture As..." by clicking the "LEFT" mouse button and a window will open up asking where you want to save it. Be sure you select a location on your computer you can remember then click OK.

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